Greetings From the Crossroads

I’ve been mulling over what to do with this blog since I revived it.

I bought this domain, started this site, with the intention of promoting my written works and discussing the art of story craft.

Although that intention failed to manifest for some time, said intention hasn’t changed.

For the life of me, I could not seem to tap into that alchemy which enables free flowing creativity.

It’s because I approached it like a business person, a CEO with an image to project and protect at all costs, not a human being.

I don’t like the messy parts of life. The vulnerabilities. The humiliating missteps. The emotional outbursts. The lows that could well crush a man unprepared to face them.

I also lacked the honesty to define my true purpose. What I’ve realized is that this blog and the stories I tell need to be as much an exploration of myself – a furthering of my own evolution – as they do coherent thoughts and verbal images to be imbibed by others.

I also cannot separate the occult from my writing. They are linked, and just as magick lacks power without living will, novels cannot live without magick. 

To create is a magical act in itself. The novelist is a sorcerer.

And individuals like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, they are shamans opening the gates to the subconscious world where the nature and meaning of stories are laid bare and we find things much more real than the material world that begs our attention and drains our focus.

So this is where I begin – with a stated intention to transform my inner world, and share it without. 

You, dear reader, are invited to witness – and perhaps take part – in this little experiment.

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